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Politics & 'a Pint'
(Wednesday, January 16, 2013)

Meeting type:Social event
Date:Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Time:7.00pm - 9.00pm

This Wednesday sees our regular discussion night return for 2013. Come along to Kingsley Park Working Men's Club from 7pm.

What we discuss is up to you if you come along.

As you nibble on a nut or crisp the possibilities include:

  • Coalition Mid Term review. What do you think - was Nick Clegg and David Cameron's move the other week a publicity stunt or a genuine attempt to report back on progress? And what do you think the Lib Dems have achieved so far?

  • Europe. David Cameron's big speech this week and the Tories already showing signs of unrest as UKIP makes capital of their discomfort and general unhappiness with the mainstream politicalparties. How should the Lib Dems respond?

  • Energy. With a limited approval of 'fracking' how does this help the Government be seen to be one of the greenest ever?

  • Local Issues. 2013 sees major developments around Northampton - many planned under the previous Lib Dem run Borough Council. Is this the year Northampton finally moves forward? With the County Council Conservatives making massive cuts and exposing their incompetence at balancing the books how doe the Lib Dems get this across for the elections in May?

  • To Meet with friends, make new ones and Learn something. Not only good company, the chance to have a drink alcoholic or soft as you choose, and the chance to add to your understanding of the issues that you are interested in, may be asked about on the doorstep or where you may want to influence any Councillors that are able to join us.

Come along and make it a Lively and Stimulating evening.

Finally there's also the opportunity to join the Lib Dem team at the KWMC quiz night starting at 20.30

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Meeting address:Kingsley Park Working Men's Club, 120 Kingsley Park Terrace, Northampton, NN2 7HJ, NN2 7HJ


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