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Andrew Duff MEP: Europe 40 Years On
(Friday, January 4, 2013)

Meeting type:Policy discussion
Date:Friday, January 4, 2013
Time:7.25pm - 9.25pm
Europe's economic crisis will be resolved by far closer and deeper political, fiscal and economic union, or it will not be resolved at all. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom is rapidly heading for the political margins of Europe (or beyond), despite Liberal Democrats being in Government.

What is happening?

How did we all get here?

Will the crisis be resolved? If so, how?

What should Liberal Democrats be doing to achieve the least bad outcome for the UK?

Will there be referenda across the continent within the next five years?

Come and listen to, and debate with ANDREW DUFF MEP - leading European Parliamentarian, constitutional expert and controversialist.

Admission Free ~ Refreshment Bar 

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Meeting address:Ramsey Hall, St Lukes Church, Victoria Road, Cambridge, CB4 3DZ


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