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The Press Gang, Sheffield

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This printing society has a two-drum MZ770 A3 risograph which can currently print black, blue and orange.

Prices are: £17 for A4 and £34 for A3, inclusive of up to two colours (black, blue or orange) and folding or guillotining.

We prefer to print from PDF files, but we can also work with Pageplus, Pagemaker, Word and Open Office files.

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Resource address:85 Nethergreen Road, Sheffield, S11 7EH


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2006-12-02 23:20:57, Mark Jewell

My name is Mark Jewell and I am the Chair designate for the City of Preston Liberal Democrats. Of course we want to promote Liberal Democracy in Preston. A significant aspect of this is to reduce our unit costs for printing. For black on white we currently pay ?90 for 3,000 copies. for a two colour leaflet we are paying ?130 for 3,000 A4 leaflets. These costs do not enable us to grow. As such, you are within distance to Preston and I would appreciate knowing more with the view if submitting an A3 FOCUS for print before Christmas, so that it can be distributed within January. If you can help do get in touch.
Mark Jewell
01772 739085
mob: 07905 292435
e-mail: info@markjewell.org.uk

ps: FOCUS leaflets can be provided in PagePlus.

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