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An Inconvenient TruthAn Inconvenient Truth

About An Inconvenient Truth

Liberal Democrats all around the country are organising house parties to watch Al Gore's film about climate change - An Inconvenient Truth.

Not only is the film enjoyable and persuasive - it gives people who watch it the key facts to use in conversation with others about the pressing need to take effective action on climate change.

Buying a copy of the DVD and then inviting friends and colleagues around to watch it will be a great way to have an enjoyable evening - and talk a bit about politics and policies in a way that is more interesting than simply having a discussion at a committee meeting!

You can use the web link to find out more about the film and buy the DVD from Amazon (earning money from the party without paying anything more than if you went direct to Amazon):

Find out more at .

Phone banks

If you are a user of the Liberal Democrats' Connect Virtual Phone Bank, please use the link below to make a few calls:

Map of upcoming meetings

Upcoming meetings

Upcoming meetings for An Inconvenient Truth
Date: Time: Meeting Title:   Meeting Type: Distance:
28/11/06 7.00 pm  Public Meeting 36.4  
11/01/07 7.30 pm  Social event 91.3  
12/01/07 7.00 pm  Organisational meeting 165.1  
17/01/07 7.45 pm  Policy discussion 12.9  
20/01/07 7.00 pm  Social event 121.5  
21/01/07 8.00 pm  Social event 253.4  
21/01/07 2.30 pm  Policy discussion 61.4  
24/01/07 8.00 pm  Social event 4.6  
26/01/07 7.30 pm  Campaigning session 62.2  
26/01/07 6.00 pm  Social event 233.1  
27/01/07 7.30 pm  Policy discussion 21.4  
27/01/07 7.30 pm  Social event 81.3  
31/01/07 7.30 pm  Policy discussion 6.9  
9/02/07 8.00 pm  Campaigning session 129.2  
9/02/07 7.00 pm  Public Meeting 190.9  
12/02/07 7.30 pm  Policy discussion 330.9  
19/02/07 7.00 pm  Public Meeting 198.1  
23/02/07 7.30 pm  Policy discussion 33.0  
23/02/07 7.30 pm  Social event 180.7  
23/02/07 7.30 pm  Social event 122.3  
24/02/07 7.30 pm  Social event 120.6  
25/02/07 7.00 pm  Social event 117.7  
26/02/07 7.00 pm  Public Meeting 59.5  
27/02/07 7.30 am  Social event 120.7  
19/03/07 6.20 pm  Public Meeting 0.9  

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