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What's on near you?

With Flock Together, wherever you are, you can find out what's happening near you and how to meet fellow Liberal Democrat supporters. Flock Together tells you about social events, policy discussions, campaigning sessions and forthcoming conferences and by-elections.

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Enter a new postcode or drag and click on the map to find the nearest by-elections and Liberal Democrat meetings.

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Upcoming events

Phone Banks - If you are a registered user of the Liberal Democrats' Connect Virtual Phone Bank, please help by making a few calls:
Phone BankEvent
A3B1FP-4898 (Retweet) FREE FOOD (with a side of phone calls)
Upcoming by-elections (showing distance from SW1A 0AA) RSS
Date: Council/Ward:   LD Candidate: Party defending seat: Distance:
21/08/14 Liberal Democrats
28/08/14 Liberal Democrats
4/09/14 Tom McNeice Conservative and Unionist Party
11/09/14 (Retweet) Margaret Crick Liberal Democrats
25/09/14 (Retweet) Colin Cross Conservative and Unionist Party
25/09/14 Liberal Democrats
TBC (Retweet) TBA Independent
Upcoming meetings (showing distance from SW1A 0AA)
Date: Time: Meeting Title:   Meeting Type: Distance:
22/08/14 11.00 am  (Retweet) Social event 12.9  
23/08/14 2.00 pm  (Retweet) Social event 134.0  
25/08/14 11.00 am  (Retweet) Campaigning session 20.8  
28/08/14 7.30 pm  Social event 89.1  
29/08/14 7.30 pm  (Retweet) Social event 34.8  
30/08/14 11.00 am  (Retweet) Campaigning session 36.0  
31/08/14 4.00 pm  (Retweet) Campaigning session 33.7  
31/08/14 7.30 pm  (Retweet) Social event 35.7  
4/09/14 8.00 pm  (Retweet) Social event 59.3  
6/09/14 7.00 pm  (Retweet) Social event 38.5  
9/09/14 11.00 am  (Retweet) Public Meeting 116.5  
13/09/14 3.30 pm  Social event N/A  
13/09/14 7.00 pm  (Retweet) Social event 78.0  
16/09/14 7.00 pm  (Retweet) Social event 87.3  
17/09/14 7.00 pm  (Retweet) Policy discussion 59.5  
24/09/14 11.00 am  (Retweet) Campaigning session 35.4  
27/09/14 7.30 pm  (Retweet) Social event 10.6  
4/10/14   (Retweet) Conference 345.8  
24/10/14 7.30 pm  (Retweet) Social event 87.5  
1/11/14 7.00 pm  (Retweet) Social event 54.8  
21/11/14 7.00 pm  (Retweet) Social event 86.5  
What's new on Flock Together? RSS
21/08/14 Broadland DC, Wroxham by-election just started
20/08/1412:29 amMartin Tod added the Somerset CC, Frome North by-election
19/08/1410:05 pmJames Moore started following FREE FOOD (with a side of phone calls) Campaigning session
 9:04 pmJames Moore added the FREE FOOD (with a side of phone calls) Campaigning session
 8:02 pmR N Banerji started following Dinner with David Heath MP social event
 6:55 pmR N Banerji added the Dinner with David Heath MP social event
 3:53 pmDavid Dobbie started following East Ward BBQ social event
 2:52 pmDavid Dobbie added the East Ward BBQ social event
 1:15 pmJosie Ratcliffe joined Flock Together
18/08/146:29 pmMarguerita Morton started following Orpington Liberal Club Beer and Cider Festival social event