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By-election details

London Borough of Waltham Forest, Leyton (Thursday, February 14, 2008)

Date:Thursday, February 14, 2008
Council, Parliament or Assembly: London Borough of Waltham Forest
Ward, Division or Constituency: Leyton
Candidate name: Winnie Smith
Party defending seat: Labour Party
Cause of by-election: Disqualification
Type of by-election: Council by-election

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Contact details

By-election HQ address:24 Thornhill Road, E10 5LL


Note: the location pins show the rough location of the council by-election, not the exact location.

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2008-02-15 12:37:33, Julian Fountain

Convincing win in Leyton.


2008-01-17 19:08:12, John Howard

FOCUS is being delivered every weekend

Canvassing afternoon and evenings daily

Ecanvass arranged with EARS

All offers of help urgently needed - Please contact Bob Sullivan on 8556 8335.

2008-01-11 23:23:06, Peter Dunphy

I know the team will understand that I will do everything I can. Peter

2008-01-11 00:00:12, James Graham

I'm emailing this to Bob Sullivan as well, but any special plans this weekend? And can anyone offer some local knowledge about a good place to hold a Drinks event in the evening?

2007-12-31 08:09:00, Peter Hartwell

This appears to be a split Ward where we hold the other two seats and are the second largest Party to Labour who are in a N.O.C. situation.
A few extra votes would clinch it but it will probably be a very tough fight with Labour. (Cons got less than 10% in 2006)
The Regional (and Federal) Party should give such by-elections a much higher profile and greater encouragement to outside activists to get stuck in.

A Lib Dem win

1. will be one of the first tests (indirectly) of our new Leader during his first 100 days.

2. It will demoralise Labour in Waltham Forest who look like losing the title of largest Party to us in 2010.

3. It will increase our chances of winning the parliamentary seat.

Perhaps Nick Clegg should keep a slot free in his Diary to go and get a photo-op congratulating Winnie on her win!

I think that much mileage could be achieved from a Lib Dem gain but it will only happen if it is given the same kind of attention as a parliamentary by-election starting now!

2007-12-27 19:15:45, John Howard

2008 Calendars and regular FOCUS newsletters are already being delivered - all offers of help welcome. Please contact Bob Sullivan

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