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New training video – this time using Flash

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

Following the last, not wholly successful, attempt at a training video for Flock Together, here’s a new attempt using Flash.

The (free) programme that let me do this is called Wink and it’s proved surprisingly easy to use, and has produced dramatically better results than my last attempt. Its only slight negative is a mild Pinky-and-Perky-isation of my voice!

As ever, all comments welcome.

Flock Together Online Training Video

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

Here, as an experiment, is a video which explains how you can add a meeting to the Flock Together site.

My first shot at this was full screen throughout and quite hard to follow. The original footage came from CamStudio. After looking at the rough cut, I then did quite a bit of work with the positioning and magnification functions in Adobe Premiere Elements to try to get closer to the action and make it clearer.

Seeing it after it’s gone through the Google Video system, it’s improved, but could probably still be zoomed ever further in than it is. I’ll also look into displaying the original Windows video file to let people have higher resolution.

Was this worth doing? Should I do any more? Any thoughts as to what trainings I should do and how they could be better than this one? Comments, thoughts and ideas most welcome.


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