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Easier to register for events + some other stuff

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

I’ve updated Flock Together to make it easier and more reliable to register for events (mainly by shifting from the javascript library to the jQuery library).

Just hit one of these radio buttons:

Flock Together now also pulls any by-elections that it doesn’t already have semi-automatically off the ALDC website.

It doesn’t show them all – just the ones with contact details – but it should help keep Flock Together more easily up to date.

Biggest Flock Together upgrade ever? Easy to show whether you are going to a Flock Together event or not

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

It’s now dramatically easier to show whether you are attending a Flock Together event or not, by clicking in the ‘Are you going?’ box at the top right of every meeting page.

By using the kind of Web 2.0 technology used on sites like Flickr, the page will automatically update without needing to reload.

Have a go by registering on the party conference page at

You need to be logged to get the full benefit.

For those interested in such matters, it uses the prototype Ajax library to update the page without reloading.

All comments welcome.


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