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Personalised feeds

I’ve added some more variables for Flock Together feeds…

The basic feed remains, as before:

Instead of your user name, it’s now possible to reference by membership number or postcode. For example:


does the postcode and range (if you leave out range, it uses 50 miles). And:


does the Liberal Democrat membership number (although this only works for registered users of Flock Together who’ve entered their membership number when they registered).

For registered users who want to publish their feed, it may make sense only to show only meetings that they’ve ‘registered’ on Flock Together. To do this they can add the following onto their URL:


To sort the meetings in order of reverse appearance (i.e. the most ‘recent’ post will be the most immediate upcoming meeting), add:


If you want to show your feed on a Prater Raines site, then the best option is just to add the following to your URL:


Finally, to set the publish date to the meeting date (which may break some feedreaders, since the publish date will be in the future), just add:


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