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1,000 people registered – 1,426 meetings, by-elections and resources – 7 new members

Congratulations to David Peters for being the 1,000th account on Flock Together.

So far Flock Together has recorded 1,426 meetings, by-election and resources, comprising amongst others: 356 council by-elections, 329 social events, 237 campaigning sessions, 227 organisational meetings, 70 public meetings, 64 policy discussions, 44 conferences, 30 training sessions, 25 hustings, 17 RISOs and 5 parliamentary by-elections.

To make it all work, there’s a table in the background calculating the 1,426,000 different distances between each user and each event or resource!

Aside from the number of people who have found new ways to get involved in the party ‘in the real world’ as a result of Flock Together, here’s a special ‘hat-tip’ to the 7 people visited the Flock Together website and clicked through to joined the party online as a result!

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