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Options for an organisation’s RSS feed on Flock Together

In response to requests, I’ve added some options for organisations Flock Together RSS feeds, such as you might want to use on a local party or organisational website.

You can find the basic RSS feed on the organisation page of the party organisation you’re interested in – which you can find via search or via this page. The feed can be found towards the bottom behind a small button such as this one RSS icon. Just right click the button and select ‘copy link location’ in Firefox or ‘copy shortcut’ in Internet Explorer to get the address of the RSS feed.

You should then have something like:

To sort the meetings in order of reverse appearance (i.e. the most ‘recent’ post will be the most immediate upcoming meeting), add:


If you want to show your feed on a Prater Raines site, then the best option is just to add the following to your URL:


If you want to exclude ‘parent’ meetings (for a local party, this might mean your regional, national or federal party), then add:


If you want to exclude ‘child’ meetings (for a regional party, this might mean from local parties in their area), then add:


Finally, to set the publish date to the meeting date (which may break some feedreaders, since the publish date will be in the future), just add:


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