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Flock Together Online Training Video

Here, as an experiment, is a video which explains how you can add a meeting to the Flock Together site.

My first shot at this was full screen throughout and quite hard to follow. The original footage came from CamStudio. After looking at the rough cut, I then did quite a bit of work with the positioning and magnification functions in Adobe Premiere Elements to try to get closer to the action and make it clearer.

Seeing it after it’s gone through the Google Video system, it’s improved, but could probably still be zoomed ever further in than it is. I’ll also look into displaying the original Windows video file to let people have higher resolution.

Was this worth doing? Should I do any more? Any thoughts as to what trainings I should do and how they could be better than this one? Comments, thoughts and ideas most welcome.

6 Responses to “Flock Together Online Training Video”

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    […] Martin Tod has added a short training video to the Flock Together blog, showing users how to add a meeting to the site. […]

  2. Simon Wright Says:

    Are there any advantages of using video over a flash file with audio, such as those tutorials created by Wink at ? That would get around both the resolution issue, and the need for small files. Not that I’ve tried either, yet!

  3. whmossjr Says:

    Flock Together Online Training Video…


  4. Flock Together Says:

    The software I have will output in Flash, but I couldn’t work out how to edit the files. I’ll have a go with Wink instead.

    Thanks for the tip.


  5. Sheila Says:

    For the best quality, do the zooming etc in the original video rather than in post-production.

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    […] Following the last, not wholly successful, attempt at a training video for Flock Together, here’s a new attempt using Flash. […]

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